Critical Need For Donors

After Storm Florence

The blood we collect now will help sustain our hospitals after the storm
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Step up and be a

Hurricane Hero

Free Hurricane Hero T-shirt for all presenting donors at one of our 5 donation centers - while supplies last! Promotion ends 9/21
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Take time to prepare and keep safe

Have extra supplies such as clean water and non-perishable food items
Gather extra batteries and flashlights if we lose power
Keep updated with local news and weather updates!
Hospitals Evacuated Ahead of Hurricane Florence
As hospitals along the coast prepare for the impact of Hurricane Florence, many patients are being evacuated inland. Our hospitals typically require about 400 blood products each day to meet patient needs. With many patients being transported here to our local hospitals, the demand for blood and platelets is likely to increase. We are counting on you to step up and help us meet these needs for local patients and those seeking shelter here.
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